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  • Josh Camson Announces Campaign for State Representative

    Josh Camson, a local lawyer and small business owner, announced his campaign for State Representative in the 147th District today. Camson will bring the experience he gained from building his own businesses and representing those in need to make sure the government works for everyone, not just those at the top.

    “I fight for people every day in court, and I plan to fight just as hard for the 147th. It’s time we stop paying people to go to Harrisburg and sit around. We need to bring hard work and dedication back to the legislature,” Mr. Camson said. “Our government is not doing enough to end the opioid crisis, make our schools the best in the country, or future-proof Pennsylvania’s economy.”

    Camson vows to do just that. He understands that ending the opioid crisis will take real work, and means not using our jails as treatment facilities. A graduate of a Pennsylvania public high school, college, and law school, he knows that public education is the most important investment we make, and our government needs to start treating it that way. Finally, as the son and grandson of small business owners, and a small business owner himself, Camson understands the needs of both workers and employers. He will fight to make Pennsylvania’s economy a 21st century economy, with programs to help the middle class thrive in the face of automation and help those who are being left behind.

    Josh and his wife Chelsea live in Harleysville, Pennsylvania.

  • Dominique Goss
    06th Sep 2017 Reply

    Would love to support!

  • Andrew Winslow
    06th Sep 2017 Reply

    There’s no one more qualified to hold this office than Josh. I grew up with him and know him to be trustworthy, hard working, passionate, and charismatic. The people of the 147th District are fortunate to have the opportunity to be represented by such a great man.

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