About Josh Camson

I am a small business owner, trial lawyer, children’s advocate, and new father. I’ve followed in the footsteps of both my dad and my grandfathers and started my own small businesses. Both my time as a lawyer and the effort it took to build several small businesses from scratch have shown me the value of hard work. I believe that representing the 147th District should be just that: hard work.

For too long, Harrisburg politicians of both parties have cut self-serving backroom deals that have only enriched themselves and their favorite lobbyists. These politicians rig the game and cut corners so wealthy special interests benefit at the expense of ordinary people. But Pennsylvanians can do better.

The 147th District deserves better representation in Harrisburg. Representation from someone that will fight for the things we all care about: an opportunity for prosperity, protecting the things we value, and supporting the community.

It’s time to put partisanship aside and start making changes in Harrisburg. It’s time that you have a representative who looks out for you and your family instead of the lobbyists and special interests. I’m asking for your support in my campaign for State Representative. Together, we can do better.

A Campaign for Values

Together, We Can Do Better

Together we can bring hard work back to Harrisburg. We can create a government that works for regular people instead of lobbyists and special interests. Alone we can’t make it happen. But together, nothing is impossible.
– Josh Camson, Candidate for State Representative

Josh's Priorities