Joshua Camson

Lawyer | Runner | Nerd



Juris Doctorate

University of Pittsburgh School of Law

  • Civil Litigation Certificate
  • Murray S. Love Mock Trial Champion


Bachelor Degree - Political Science and Communication & Rhetoric

University of Pittsburgh

  • Cum laude graduate
  • Department of Communication & Rhetoric Graduation Speaker
  • University of Pittsburgh Mock Trial Team Captain

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Criminal Defense Attorney

Josh has been passionate about criminal law since high school when he joined his school’s mock trial team. During law school he interned with the Chester County District Attorney, the Allegheny County District Attorney, and the Ohio Attorney General. After graduating law school he clerked for a criminal court trial judge to give him a wide range of experience on how judges see cases.


Since he co-founded CamsonRigby, Josh has focused primarily on criminal defense. He has handled cases ranging from DUI to homicides. His passion is still in the courtroom where he works with his clients to fight the allegations against them. He has practiced in trial courts across Pennsylvania, as well as the Pennsylvania Superior Court.


Josh started fiddling with website design in 2001, building websites for his local youth group and his dad’s pharmacy. Since then, he co-founded Municipal Web Management. Now he focuses on providing affordable websites with clean designs and unique feature to municipalities, government entities, and non-profits.

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Josh develops websites for municipalities, nonprofits, and companies. He has been tinkering with web development since 2002. Now Josh is a partner with Municipal Web Management, LLC where you can hire him to design or update your site.


Josh is a criminal defense attorney and partner at CamsonRigby, LLC. He has handled cases ranging from homicide to kidnapping, and drug delivery to DUI. If you are looking for an experienced criminal defense attorney, please reach out.


Josh presents on numerous CLE topics throughout the year. He can come to your continuing education event and talk on topics such as: ethics in criminal defense; technological competence; the ethics of social media; or opening your own law firm


In addition to his trial work, Josh has handled many criminal and juvenile cases in the appellate courts. If you need someone to take over a case after trial, get in touch.








After reading the verdict of our case, we not only won, but in the written verdict I could see a direct coloration of the judge’s interpretation of the law in supporting his decision to the arguments in which Mr. Camson had laid out during the hearing. I certainly would recommend Mr. Camson.

I cannot recommend Josh highly enough. At a minimum, he was one of the brightest and most talented people that crossed my path at GSP. But what impressed me the most was his level of professional maturity and his problem-solving capabilities. Josh is an amazing self-starter that needs no hand-holding or supervision. You can trust unconditionally in the quality of his work.

Josh is one of the most enthusiastic attorneys that I know. His dedication to the practice of criminal law is truly inspiring. He is goal-oriented and has a strong sense of where he wants his career to take him. The only limits on his professional successes will be those that he himself sets.

First and foremost, I’d like to congratulate Mr. Camson for his victory on my behalf. I’ll admit that in the beginning I had concerns about his quiet and reserved demeanor. Throughout many of our discussions I never felt his confidence. However, from the first day of trial, Josh undoubtedly controlled the court room. Which in return felt like he knew what he was doing all along.

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